Our Story

Aberfoyle Lodge was completed in 1960 as a Club for the Tea Estate staff and later converted to a Lodge. It still has the original wood floors, large verandahs and old fashioned comfort but with new d├ęcor and comfortable furniture and bedrooms. You drive down into the Honde Valley, along the floor of the valley, through the banana plantations and avocado trees which are the main source of income for the rural people of this valley. You then climb out the other side of the valley, crossing several rivers that flow down from the surrounding mountains including the Pungwe River. The drive then takes you through the incredible rolling tea fields of the Eastern Highlands Tea Plantation in which Aberfoyle Lodge is nestled. We have many extremely rare birds found only in the forests around Aberfoyle and surrounding areas with its unique flora that remain green all year round as a result of receiving some of the highest rainfall in Zimbabwe. We also have tea factories that are of great interest to visit as well as seeing the construction of a very large hydro plant utilizing the water coming off the mountains from the Nyamingura River. Our pepper gardens which are about a 30 minute walk along the Nyamkombe River are very unique and they are the only organic pepper gardens in Zimbabwe.

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Our Team

LLoyd Weber – General Manager

Nerine Worsley – Assistant Manager

Elias – Chef

Elias also worked on the golf course with Rev but as our tractor driver. He too showed interest in cooking and was brought into the kitchens. He has also blossomed under Rev’s guidance and has become an integral part of our kitchen team.

Trymore – Chef

Trymore used to work in Mozambique but decided to come back to the Honde Valley to work at Aberofyle lodge. He has worked hard and trained hard to become another very important part of the kitchen team.

Morgan – Head Guide

Morgan used to spend his school holidays at Aberfoyle Lodge caddying to make some extra pocket money to help towards his school fees. One day a group of birders asked him if he knew a certain bird that they were desperate to see. He said yes and showed them a couple of very special birds. He didn’t know the names of the birds but he did know how to find them from the pictures of the guide books. Morgan claims that he was never good at soccer as a little boy so he spent a lot of time with nature. From that day he was bought a bird book and some binos and is now one of Southern Africa’s top local bird guides.

George – Guide / Gardens

George has worked at Aberfoyle for a very long time. He spent some time at Far and Wide where he was trained as an activities guide. His smile is huge and is always ready to ensure that you have an incredible time on the many activities available.

Isaac – Gardener

Isaac is our newest member and has come in from Nyanga to help maintain our gardens. He is passionate about his job and always has a huge smile on his face.

Maxwell – Head Greenskeeper

Maxwell is in charge of our beautiful 9 hole golf course which is no small task. He keeps it in great condition so that your next round of golf is an incredible one. He leads his team with great enthusiasm and is sometime brought in as a guide. You can’t miss his smile and very polite nature.

Mirius – Greenskeeper

Mirius is a very hardworking greenskeeper who ensure that the golf course is always looking good. He is also used as a guide on some of our hikes.

Samson – Greenskeeper

As his name suggests, Samson is a very strong and hardworking young man. A man of little words but one that is always busy doing something.

Trymore – Greenskeeper and Garden

Trymore is a very happy young man who helps out where he is needed but is mainly responsible for Hornbill House. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to do any job asked of him.

Timothy – Front of House / Barman

Tim has been with us for a long time. He took a year to go and work in Cape Town where he gained some valuable experience. He is now back and is a major part of our front of house staff. He is always willing to help and ensure that service is of a very high standard.

Obert – Front of House / Barman

Obert joined us from a five star hotel in JHB. He has quickly slotted in to the team and has become a very important part of the team. He continues to share valuable experience with his colleagues and we look forward to seeing him grow in his role.

Owen – Front of House / Barman

Owen is our youngest team member at 19 years of age. In the school holidays he would help out on rafting trips to earn extra money for school fees. When he showed potential Chris decided to give him a chance inside the lodge. He has taken the opportunity with open arms and is fast becoming a very good barman.

Talent – Housekeeping

Talent is a hardworking but shy young lady. She is a part of the team responsible for ensuring that your rooms are always spotless. She has a 4 year old little girl who is extremely clever and is ready to take on the world. Talent loves reading novels!

Peter – Housekeeping

Peter used to be one of our carvers but was brought in to be a part of our housekeeping team. He is also extremely good with maintenance issues and just gets on with what needs to be done.

Solomon – Housekeeping

Solomon is a very hard working member of the housekeeping team. Always willing to get the job done.

Viola – Housekeeping

Viola is in charge of Hornbill House. She is an extremely hard worker who will ensure that her job is done properly.

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