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A wide range of activities are available at Aberfoyle that will keep you and your kids entertained.


The Aberfoyle golf course was designed in the 1950s as a result of Bill Igoe’s love for the game. This 9-hole course is challenging, however it is situated amongst the tea plantations and the Riparian forest, so the views are unreal. Aberfoyle Lodge has many sets of clubs available to hire, which have been kindly donated by the current owner who is a very passionate golfer. The record number of balls lost in one round is 36.. so good luck.


This is a free activity, which is played on our 18-hole all grass course. It can be played during the day and at night as we have floodlights. This course is a lot of fun for everyone and can get quite competitive between families and friends. You are more than welcome to borrow our putters and balls, which can be requested at the front of house.


Tennis is offered at Aberfoyle Lodge free of charge. If you would like to borrow a racquet and balls, please request these from the front of house.


Please feel free to use the pool at all times, however please be considerate during the early afternoon as many guests do enjoy having a rest. Please ensure that your children are always watched whilst swimming, as Aberfoyle Lodge takes no responsibility for any swimming injuries or accidents.

Billiard’s Room

This activity is free of charge. Please note that no children are allowed in the Billiard’s Room.

Fishing (Please bring your own tackle)

Bream – We have a small pond by the entrance gate where children can sit with one of our guides and learn to fish using local techniques. They are guaranteed to have lots of fun and probably spend most of their time by the pond.

Bass and Bream – Wamba dam has a very large population of both bass and bream, however fishing is not always easy here and it takes a skilled fisherman to catch them. Yellow Fish – A fast growing and very popular form of sport fishing is “Nymphing” for Yellow Fish. Should you wish to give this a try, please let the front of house know a day prior to when you wish to go as this involves some planning. This form of fishing takes place at the Pungwe River.
Tiger Fish – If you would like to try your luck with fly-fishing, then please inform the front of house a day prior to when you wish to go. One of our spots on the Pungwe River has both Tiger and Yellow Fish.

Guided Birding

Morgan is our local bird guide and has a wealth of knowledge. He is said to be one of the best local guides in Southern Africa. For those who are not extremely interested in birds, Morgan is guaranteed to spark an interest and some knowledge. Aberfoyle Lodge is fortunate enough to be the home to many special and rare bird species. In the evening, you can often see the Palm Nut Vultures flying across the golf course or perched in the forest in front of the lodge.

Guided Walks

We have so many beautiful walks in the area. If you would like a guide who can combine a bit of knowledge to a walk, or to take you to some waterfalls, then please let the front of house know so that we can arrange this for you.

Butterflies, Orchids and Tree Walks

As a result of Aberfoyle’s unique and well-protected environment, we have some incredible species of butterflies, orchids and trees. One of our guides will take you on a walk depending on what you would like to see and will point out anything of interest.

Self Guided Walks

All of our walks from Aberfoyle Lodge can also be done without a guide if you prefer. Maps of specific walks and the surrounds are available at the reception but descriptions of all are below, so simply take a photo of the directions in order to not get lost.

Mermaid’s Pool

Mermaid’s Pool is a waterfall set in a beautiful forest. It has a small pool and little pebble beach.

Spice Garden

This is the largest organic pepper garden in the world and is a definite must.

3 Man Waterfall

This beautiful cascading waterfall is a10 minute walk from the lodge and is the perfect spot to go for a swim.
Hiking Trails


This is the big cone shaped mountain that you see in the North West. An easier hike with the most incredible panoramic view from the top.

Turaco Trail

This is an incredible 5-day hiking trail created by Far and Wide. The trail starts at Far and Wide in Juliasdale and ends at Aberfoyle Lodge. You need to prebook this to be allowed on the trail

Tea Factory Tour

The tea factory tour involves learning and seeing the whole process of how the tea leaves get from field to cup in less than 24 hours. It is definitely worth it and extremely interesting for everyone.

Tree Canopy Tour

This was the first tree canopy tour to be built in Zimbabwe, and was set up at the end of 2011 by Far and Wide. It is situated just below Aberfoyle Lodge and runs along the Nyamkombe River high in the forest Nutonia’s. It will be extended in the coming months.

Bum Slide

The bum slide is a 10-metre natural and very smooth rockslide into a huge pool. Incredible!!

Mountain Biking

There are so many places to mountain bike around Aberfoyle but be weary as none of them are flat! We unfortunately don’t have any mountain bikes to hire out. The best trail is our 96km single-track trail that starts at Far and Wide in Juliasdale and ends at Aberfoyle Lodge.

White Water Rafting

This is a highly recommended activity during the rainy season. The general manager will guide this activity along with other Far and Wide instructors who drive down from Juliasdale and meet at the Pungwe River. This is an incredible river that runs through beautiful forest. There are three sections of river that can be run:

Family Day

This is the calmest section as it is a grade 2 section with only one grade 3 rapid.

Bridge to Bridge

This is our most popular section as it is full of fun rapids that will get the whole family going; yet it is also safe enough for young children as long as they can swim.

Bernie’s Run

This is a tough and very technical grade 4 + section that needs to be done by a competent crew that has done a bit of white water rafting before. It is a challenge but is the ultimate section of white water for this sport!

We do offer white water tubing on one man rafts during the dry seasons but this needs to be organised in advance.

Hydro Electricity Plant Tours

There are now 6 Hydro Plants in the Honde Valley, all built by Nyangani Renewable Energy (NRE). The largest is 16 MW’s and this is sent back into the Manicaland grid. You can take a tour of any of these with our guide but please let us know in advance so that we can arrange it with NRE. The closest hydro is a 3 MW power station, which will take about a 30-minute drive to get to, whilst the furthest, which is also the biggest will take about an hour’s drive to get to but is very worth it!

Mutarazi Falls Sky Walk and Sky Line

Stay with us and get a discount to do these incredible activities at Far and Wide in Juliasdale. Situated just an hour thirty minutes drive from Aberfoyle Lodge, you can experience one of the newest and most incredible activities in Zimbabwe. The world’s highest zip line and incredible suspension bridges leave you awe struck at the beauty of the Mutarazi Falls, which are the highest falls in Zimbabwe and second highest falls in Africa.

We do offer packed breakfasts and lunches if needed, so please inform the front of house in advance.

We hope that you enjoy the wide range of activities that we offer. We are continuously looking at inventing new activities aimed at the whole family, so if you have any great ideas, please do let us know.

Please look after yourselves by being careful at all times and ensure that you sign an indemnity form if you are doing any risk involved activities with a guide, such as the tree canopy tour and white water rafting.

We have an all-weather tennis court, table tennis, darts, a large 13m x 7m swimming pool with a children’s slide and children’s paddling pool, and one of the best snooker tables in the world.


Download the Aberfoyle Activity Price List

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