When it comes to birding in Southern Africa, Aberfoyle Lodge is a highly recommended destination.

The different types of vegetation, warm weather, high rainfall and pristine forests mean that we get a wide range of birds in very close vicinity to the lodge.

Birders come from all over the world to tick off the many ‘specials’ that Aberfoyle has to offer.

Morgan and Wisdom are our guides, each with his own strengths. Morgan is incredible at finding what you want. He can identify birds without hesitation and knows exactly where to find each of the specials that we are fortunate to have. Send us through a list of birds that you would like to get and we will put together a program that will maximise your time here and hopefully get you your list.

Wisdom is brilliant with his Orchids and trees and will be happy to arrange a hike through the mountains to find the flora and fauna that you may like to see.

Bellow is a trip advisor guest review of his birding trip to Aberfoyle:

“Wow”! We hired Morgan, their resident bird guide, who was excellent, definitely knows his birds and where to find them. Without him we would not have found all the ‘lifers’ we were looking for.

Specials to the area we found, were: Anchieta’s ( Marsh) Tchagra – this is the only place you’ll find this bird, Red Faced Crimsonwing, Red Chested and Buff Spotted Flufftail, Barred Long Tailed Cuckoo, Green Twinspot, Barratt’s Warbler, Pallid (Eastern) Honeyguide, Green Backed Honeyguide, Singing Cisticola, Short Winged Cisticola, Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, Plain Backed (Blue Throated) Sunbird, White Eared Barbet, Rufous Winged Cisticola, Forest Weaver, Mashona Hyliota, Square Tailed Drongo, Green backed Woodpecker, Bronze Naped Pigeon, Scarce Swift, Grey Waxbill, Pale Batis, Red Winged Warbler, Black Throated Wattle-Eye, Ayres Eagle and Black Sparrowhawk.”

Unfortunately the only bird that these guests didn’t find that was on their list was the lesser seed cracker which is around but unfortunately eluded them this week.


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